Vtirka Melange MIX 08

Vtirka Melange MIX 08

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Vtirka Melange MIX 08 is not the usual glitter and vtirka Melange, with which we can get the effect of “sugar” nails.
Affordable and beautiful material to create exquisite accents to Effect multitsveta!
Diverse multitsvetnye mixes are very similar to the colorful and at the same time, very cozy and delicate articles of melange yarn.
A tiny specks mikroblestok add color mix light, subtle shimmer.

Application: Rubbed into the adhesive layer closest color gel nail polish (if sufficient tack) adhesive layer or stamp, which must be applied to the gel-coat.
To enhance the beauty and originality of the finished design, be used as a top coat matt top.
Fractions type: Microscopic hexagons. Do not dust! Not to be confused with the pigment!


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