Slider Design # WB-38

Instructions for working with the slider design


1. Preparation of the nail plate;


2. Select a pattern, 0.5-1 mm. step back from the drawing and cut out in shape;


3. We apply the base, polymerized. Apply white gel polish in 2 layers, dry in a lamp;


4. Apply a thin layer of top, dry;


5. Place the slider on a cloth moistened with warm, slightly hot (not cold) water for 15-20 seconds. Bring to the nail, and by the method of shift, slide the film from the paper base by 1/3, pressing the film at the base of the cuticle, leaving a margin of the cuticle line of 0.5-1 mm, remove the backing. Flatten the film by pulling it up to avoid creasing. We straighten the film, pushing out the remaining air and water with a soft cloth. Dry the nails with a slider in the lamp;


6. An abrasive file of 100/180 grit., Gently remove the film from the free edge of the nail with top-down movements. Treat the edge of the nail with a lint-free cloth soaked in a degreaser;


7. We cover with a top, sealing the ends and edges of the film at the base of the cuticle and side rollers in 2 layers, drying each layer of the top in the lamp. Remove the sticky layer.


With proper observance of the technique of applying a slider design, your manicure (pedicure) will delight you until the next correction



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