Slider design # F-01 (Gold)

How to work with a slider-design “LAQUE”
1. Make a standard preparation of the nail plate: manicure, pedicure.
2. Choose the right image, cut image shape, adjust the width of the nail, given that the slider should be slightly longer (approximately 0.5-1mm as the slider will need good seal at the top).
3. Apply the base, dry it in a lamp. Next white background gel lacquer layer 1-2, departing from the cuticle line and side rollers 1mm prosushivaya each of the layers.
4. Apply a thin layer of stamp IBDI_NAILStm, dry (as well proven tops «Mollon Pro Hybrid Shine» and «Neo reports Nail Sunblocker»)
5. Put the slider on a cloth moistened with warm slightly hot (not cold!) Water, approximately 15 -20 seconds. Bring to the nail, and the shift method, slide film with the base paper at 1/3, pressing the film at the base of the cuticle, leaving a margin in line 0.5-1mm cuticles, remove the substrate completely.
Stretch film, a little tightening, avoiding the formation of folds.
Gently flatten the film, pushing the remains of the air and water with a soft cloth.
Dry nails with a slider in the lamp.
6. Sawing fine abrasive, moves top down gently remove the film from the free edge of the nail. Treat the nail edge, lint-free cloth soaked in degreaser.
7. Cover topom IBDI_NAILStm good sealing the ends and edges of the film at the base of the cuticle and side roller in 2 layers, each layer prosushivaya stamp in the lamp.
Remove the sticky layer.
With proper application techniques respecting the slider design, your manicure (pedicure) will please you to the next correction!


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