Nail wrap Summer

How to use:

How to do your own manicure with a nail wraps?

First, we need the following materials:

1.Nail scissors;

2.Orange sticks;

3.Nail file;

4.UV lamp or blow dryer;





First of all, you need to prepare your nails; this is done in the same way as for a normal manicure: remove the cuticle, ensure that the nails have identical shape.

Once the nails are ready, start creating the design.

1.First, cut off the necessary amount of thermal film, but it is better to cut it off with a small reserve.

2.Take an orange stick and use it to carefully separate the film from the sticker and warm it under the lamp. In case you do not have a lamp, you can use a standard hair dryer.

3.While the coating is still warm, you should carefully move it to the nail, spread it and press lightly.

4 Once you complete this procedure for each finger, place your hand under the lamp and hold it there for several minutes. This is necessary to complete the fixation of the coating on the nail.

5.Superfluous remnants of the film can be carefully cut away with manicure scissors. And if there are irregularities somewhere, they can be quickly and easily removed using a glass nail file.

6. At the last stage of the creation of this manicure, cover everything with a finish or with a simple, colorless polish. This will help your manicure to remain on your nails much longer, and it will be protected from the negative impact of the environment.


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