Mini compressor Legend Air

Mini compressor Legend Air

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Κατηγορία: Brand:
Colour White
Power 12 V
Performance 10.5 l / min
Operating pressure 1.7 kg / cm²
Weight 0.55 kg
Compressor size 11 * 5.5 * 10 cm
Adapter length 170 cm


Mini compressor for airbrushing Legend Air ™ LA-01
→ Suitable for airbrushes with a nozzle diameter of 0.2-0.5 mm
→ Ideal for working in the field of classic airbrushing in miniature, modeling, body painting, face painting, airbrushing on nails, air- make-up, airbrushing in cooking and confectionery, etc.
→ Has a built-in pressure regulator
→ Built-in auto-off function
→ Supports working pressure in the airbrush
→ Has a stand for the airbrush



Type of management Double independent action
Nozzle diameter 0.3
Paint tank volume 7 ml
Built-in regulators Paint limiter
Operating pressure 1-3 atm
Thread Inlet Diameter 1/8
Included Nozzle wrenchPlastic dropper


– The LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Dual Independent Action Airbrush contains small, sharp parts; keep children away from the airbrush.
– Keep the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Independent Dual Action Airbrush away from the reach of children and animals.
– To avoid personal injury, use the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Double Acting Airbrush with a needle cap. The sharp end of the needle may injure you. Using an airbrush without a protective cap, you do this at your own peril and risk.
– Do not use an airbrush that is not fully assembled or incorrectly.

– Before using the airbrush, make sure that the characteristics indicated on it are suitable for the compressor that you will operate.
– Do not use an airbrush if any parts are damaged or missing.
– If any part is damaged, it must be replaced. To ensure safe operation of the airbrush, replace parts only at official Legend Air ™ stores.
– Persons with disabilities as well as persons with insufficient experience and knowledge can use the airbrush only under supervision or after receiving instructions for the safe use of the airbrush and subject to understanding of potential dangers.
– The use of airbrushes by children is prohibited.
– Keep the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Independent Dual Action Airbrush and its accessories out of the reach of children and animals.
– Do not let children play with equipment.
– Use the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Dual Independent Action Airbrush only for its intended purpose.
– The equipment is intended for home use. In case of violation of the rules for using the device, when using it not according to the instructions, for other purposes, as well as if the rules of this manual are violated, the warranty loses its validity and, in this case, the seller is not responsible for any damage caused .
– Use the equipment only for its intended purpose as indicated in the user manual.
– Do not drop the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 double-acting airbrush, avoid transporting the airbrush with strong shaking, do not drop the airbrush, and avoid any unnecessary mechanical stress.
– Do not use the airbrush in humid and unventilated rooms, as well as at high temperatures.
– Do not spray with an airbrush poisonous, corrosive, explosive and fire hazardous substances! This is a health hazard!
– Do not direct the airbrush torch in the face of people or animals.

Airbrush Operation
– You will also need the Legend Air ™ G 1/8 hose and the Legend Air ™ LA Series compressor to use the airbrush.
– On one side, connect the hose to the compressor, the other to the airbrush.
– Turn on the compressor.
– Check that all connections are in order.
– Pour the required amount of paint into the airbrush tank. If necessary, dilute it with the right diluent directly in the airbrush tank or in a separate container.
– Before applying paint to the work surface, check its consistency and color on a separate surface. If necessary, adjust the composition of the paint (dye).

– When you press the trigger with your index finger from the airbrush, air will begin to flow; when you push the pressed trigger back, paint will be supplied.
– The smoother the trigger, the smoother the lines drawn by the airbrush will begin.
– To prevent excess paint from being applied, control the progress of the trigger back and forth.
– In the process of drawing, the trigger must be pressed constantly so that air is blown out by the airbrush nozzle.
– Every few minutes, clean (if necessary) the tip of the airbrush needle: to do this, remove the protective cap of the needle and clean the end of the needle with a lint-free cloth moistened with alcohol.
– When changing colors in an airbrush, it is necessary to rinse the tank to avoid mixing colors.
– Do not place the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Dual Independent Airbrush on the table: use special airbrush stands to prevent damage to the equipment.
– Be sure to rinse the airbrush after work: remove the nozzle with a special key that comes with the airbrush, clean the nozzle with a needle to clean the Legend Air nozzle; wipe the needle with a lint-free cloth moistened with alcohol, clean the airbrush channels with special Legend Air brushes. Make sure that after cleaning the airbrush in it there are no coloring substances.
– Collect the airbrush, fill the tank with water and check that the tool is assembled correctly.
– Turn off the compressor, disconnect the airbrush from the hose.
– Store the LEGEND AIR ™ LA-30 Dual Independent Airbrush in the box that comes with the tool.
– Do not use non-original spare parts for equipment. Use replacement parts exclusively from the Legend Air ™ brand.
– Do not use needles, nozzles, spray unit parts, o-rings, or similar parts that do not match the stated dimensions of a particular airbrush model with an airbrush.
– In case of non-observance of the operating instructions, the airbrush may become unusable. In this case, the seller completely disclaims all warranty obligations for the maintenance of equipment.




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