Lunail Base “Hard Base” 18 ml
- 11%

Lunail Base “Hard Base” 18 ml

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Characteristics HARD BASE / basecoat rubber based


Key differences Base Lunail “Hard Base” (18 ml)

– safe formula 9-free

– medium thick consistency

– tough

– Suitable for thin, soft and weak natural nails

– provides high strength

– resistant to damage and chipping

– self-leveling coating is not flowing

– Suitable for repair and restoration

– Do not remove maceration!


Packaging 18 ml
Polymerization rate:
UV 2 minutes
LED 30 seconds
UVLED 30 seconds
Consistency The average density of consistency
The level of professionalism of the master Master of all skill levels can do the job on the basis of this
Shelf life 3 years, production in Russia




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