Cream-gel for modeling UV nail Lunail 50 ml

Μονοφασικό πηκτό καμουφλάζ. (15 ml, 50 ml)
Κατάλληλο για
• αποκατάσταση φυσικών νυχιών,
• επιμήκυνση χωρίς φόρμες μέχρι 2mm
• επιμήκυνση  με φόρμες
• ενίσχυση φυσικών νυχιών
• Μοντελοποίηση νυχιών


Single-phase thick camouflaging gel. (15ml, 50ml)
Suitable for
• restoration of natural nails,
• increase without forms up to 2mm
• increase in forms
• strengthening of natural nails
• modeling of nails

Cream-gel Lunail for modeling of nails.
Soft gel versatile high density nail.
It has a thick, viscous texture.
It does not spread.
Perfect for creating any length and shape, as well as to strengthen and restore the nail.
Polymerisation time – 2 min.
The composition is developed in Germany.


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